Saturday, June 17th – we crawl

This is Sebastopol’s first-ever

Literature & Art Crawl

it’s where art + voice take to the streets cultivated in the towns, harvested from the rows of the rich landscape that is West County.

Take a look at ‘How to Crawl’ for tips.  It’s easy – sneak away from the house if you have to; drag your friends your kids, your extended family with you; take your new ‘other’ on a first date – what can go wrong?

This is Destination Sebastopol 2.0.  Join us!


photograph by Rob Scheid

HopMonk beer garden welcomes emerging writers

Cynthi Stefenoni, producer of the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival curates the run of new poets and writers on the edge of…well, the planet as we know it.

5 pm New Writers Showcase

on the Beer Garden stage !

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