How to Crawl

This is an age-old question.  I have a little 18-month friend who skipped the crawl phase and has been walking all over since we went to the tree farm in December.  We all do it differently.

FREE  for the curious and engaged, the lovers and the passersby

SCHEDULE is on this site and on map/schedules at all venues and around town; jump in/jump out or hit them all; it’s your day!

LISTEN to readings, CHAT with artists and writers, VIEW works on display

WANT TO JUMP IN?   –  There will be signup boards at the Crooked Goat for the Laptop Fiction Challenge at noon (bring your own laptop), the Goat’s ‘Comics Can Too Read’ is an open mic at 7:00 (bring yourself) .  At 5:00, HopMonk’s New Writers will take over the mic from the stage in the Beer Garden while the Gypsy Cafe’s “I’m Not Finished” is by invitation but let them know if you’d like to read from their ‘stage’.

WHAT TO BRING?  – We have food and beverage outposts all over town.  The ‘Crawl’ will walk you through the heart of Sebastopol.   Just look around, ask the shop owners and other ‘Crawlers’ where to get an ice cream cone or an organic salad bar a classic Reuben or or an adult beverage or a spiced Mexican coffee or…




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